Armygymnastics for service providers

How to use Armygymnastics – Service providers

We feature your business to our audience at no cost.

Daily, thousands visit Armygymnastics seeking service providers just like you. They view real-time search results featuring profiles, ratings, and more, with options to filter and find their perfect match.

To start appearing in search results, simply complete two steps:

  1. Secure at least one review from a previous customer.
  2. Configure your targeting preferences to specify the types of services you offer.


Paying for leads

Armygymnastics generates all the traffic and once you’ve secured a lead, we take 10% of your service charge which the client pays during their booking process. The client pays the remaining balance of 90% to the service provider on or before service delivery. The service provider can be paid with PayPal or Venmo whichever is convenient.

Audiences choose service providers they like.

Boost your visibility to potential clients by crafting a captivating profile. Enhance your presence by:

  • Including detailed information about your services.
  • Showcasing striking images of your achievements.
  • Securing testimonials from satisfied clients.
If clients see potential in your services as a match for their needs, they’ll get in touch—whether through a message, call, or direct booking.

Select your clients as well.

By customizing your profile, you define your ideal client types, as well as your preferred work locations and hours.

We’ll direct leads matching your criteria straight to you, facilitating a seamless connection with customers. As these leads align with your preferences, we retain a 10% fee from your service charge.

Note that your business will only appear in search results after setting your preferences and verifying your credentials, making it crucial to begin promptly.

Respond quickly and get hired by a client.

Once you’ve secured a lead and initiated dialogue with a client, the task of securing the job is yours. Examine the pre-consultation service details and respond promptly. Swift replies enhance your prospects of being engaged.

Seeking assistance